Raw Water / Potable Water Preparation

Making potable water optimizing the performance of treatment chemicals and equipment can dramatically minimize costs and maximize return on investment helping to meet the most stringent water quality requirements. Raw water includes rainwater, water from infiltration wells, and water from bodies like lakes and rivers. Treatment includes -The phenomenon of water molecules spontaneously migrating through a permeable membrane being used to separate a dilute solution from a concentrated solution until the concentration in both is uniform is called osmosis. They also noted that if pressure was added to the extreme contaminant solution, this natural flow maybe reversed. Conventional pre-treatment-Conventional treatment consists of the following unit processes: coagulation, flocculation, clarification, and filtration, and is typically followed by disinfection at full-scale.

Ultrafiltration-A simple procedure called "low pressure" ultrafiltration permits the clarification and disinfection of water in a very single step. A membrane barrier acts such as  a filter for all particles over 10-20 nm in size: pollen, algae, bacteria, viruses, germs and organic molecules.

  •  Reverse osmosis
  •  Ultrafiltration
  •  Biofilm pre-treatment and Bio-diatomite Dynamic Membrane Reactor
  •  Turbidity and health concerns
  •  Conventional pre-treatment

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