Agro-based Industries and Industrial Processes

A clear trend exists towards diets that include more animal products for example fish, meat and dairy products, which in order to increase the demand for feed grains (FAO, 2007). There is also a growing use of agricultural products, particularly grains& oil crops as bioenergy production feedstock. The role of agriculture with in the process of development has been reappraised & re-valued from the specific view of its contribution to industrialization & its importance for harmonious development, political & economic stability. Agro-industry the processing, preservation and preparation of agricultural production for intermediate and final consumption, performs a spread of crucial functions that support development and poverty alleviation. There are a number of methods classifying agro-based industries. According to the International Standard Classification (ISIC) agro-industry consists of: -

  • Food and beverages
  • Tobacco products;
  • Paper and wood products
  • Textiles, footwear and apparel
  • Lather products
  • Rubber products.

  •  Impacts of Processes of Agro-industrialization
  •  Labour productivity
  •  Agricultural products, processed food and other high- value Agrifood items
  •  Farm–agribusiness linkages
  •  Food-processing technologies

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