Paper and Pulp

It is the primary process during delivery of electricity to the consumers. Others processes include transmission, distribution, energy storage& recovery using pumped storage methods. Several fundamental methods exist to convert other sorts of energy into power. The turboelectric, piezoeffect, and even direct capture of the energy of nuclear decay Betavoltaics are utilized in niche applications, as is direct conversion of warmth to electrical power during thermoelectric effect. Electrochemistry is the direct transformation of into electricity during a battery. The photovoltaic effect is that the transformation of daylight into power, as in solar cells. Photovoltaic panels convert sunlight on to electricity. Thermal Power Generation- In thermal power house coal or diesel is burnt to provide sufficient heat. This energy is used to produce extreme temperature and extreme pressure steam in the boiler.

Hydel Power Generation- The water head is utilized to rotate the rotor head of an alternator. Water head will be naturally available or its created.

Nuclear Power Generation- In an exceedingly nuclear energy station, Uranium235 is subjected to nuclear reaction. The collision of neutrons with the nucleus of U235 creates huge energy beside with other neutrons. These newly created neutrons are called fission neutrons which again hit by other U235nuclear and make mare heat energy and other fission neutrons.

  •  Thermomechanical pulp
  •  Chemithermomechanical pulp
  •  Organosolve pulping
  •  Effluents from pulp mills
  •  Application of Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

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