Organometallic Chemistry

There’s a reason the “organo” comes first in “organometallic chemistry”—our goal is generally the creation of recent bonds in organic compounds. The metals tend to simply be along for the ride (although their influence, obviously, is essential). And the fact is that you can do things with organometallic chemistry that you just cannot do using straight-up chemical science. Metal-organic compounds are a class of chemical compounds that contain metals and organic ligands, which confer solubility in organic solvents or volatility. Metal coordination complexes of organic ligands, e.g., metal acetylacetonates, lakesides. Many complex feature coordination bonds between a metal& organic ligands. The organic ligands often bind the metal through a heteroatom e.g. oxygen/nitrogen, during in which case such compounds are considered coordination compounds. Organometallic compounds undergo several important reactions.

  • Oxidative addition and reductive elimination
  • Transmetalation
  • Carbometalation
  • Hydrometalation
  • Electron transfer
  • Beta-hydride eliminatio
  • Organometallic substitution reaction
  • Carbon-hydrogen bond activation
  • Cyclometalation
  • Nucleophilic abstraction


  •  Coordination compounds with organic ligands
  •  Quantifying ligand effects in high-oxidation-state metal catalysis
  •  Gilman and Grignard reagents
  •  Oxidative addition and reductive elimination
  •  Catalysis

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